Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breeder Closing South of Lincoln, NE

Got this notification: breeder closing - south of Lincoln, NE

Would you be able to send the following to your contact list to let people
know about this kennel closing? Nebraska Border Collie Rescue has already
picked up the border collies, but I believe the people still have
Havanese, Shelties and maybe some Aussies left. They are not a puppymill and the
Border Collies were not in bad condition. The owners surrendered the dogs
without any problems. The kennel is located in Firth, NE, about 20 minutes
south of Lincoln.

COMPLETE DISPERSAL OF Kennels: Toy, mini, & standard Australian Shepherds,
Shelties, Havanese & Border Collies. Puppies & adults. 402-791-2305.

Please help if you can!!